6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Friends With Your Ex

For anyone who’s ever gotten out of a serious relationship, you know that ending it isn’t the hardest part — the hardest part is knowing it’s over. Knowing that the whole relationship and every aspect of it is just gone now and after a few days, you start feeling lonely. Yeah, you have  support from the girls/hommies and yeah that guy/girl is a total jerk, but you miss that jerk. You think to yourself, I can still text him/her. He/she can still be in my life. It will be okay. No it isn’t okay! It won’t be okay! It’s not cool!

Here are 6 strong reasons why you shouldn’t be friends with your ex:

1. Missing them won’t be easier

 In fact, it will be even harder on you to see them all the time. Missing the relationship will be especially painful when you’re spending time with the person you used to have that relationship with.

2. Your relationship won’t be the same

You guys will have already been so close with each other, seeing one another as friends will be almost impossible. It’ll be like, “Do you want some salad on your rice? Speaking of salad, remember that one time you sprayed it all over my-” and then you’ll feel like crap.

3. It isn’t fair to them

Chances are, your breakup was hard on them, too. They’re going through all of the same emotions you are. I know it’s super hard, but if you care about them you won’t want them to be in pain, and pain is exactly what you’re putting them through by trying to be friends.

4. It will be harder for you both to move on

 For a while, you’ll still see them as the person you loved, and they’ll probably still see you that way. Trying to be friends, especially trying to hang out regularly, will only serve to hinder you. If you want to move on, you can’t keep up a relationship with the person you want to move on from. ‘Nuf said.

5. It’s going to suck when they move on

The moment they start talking about Nana Adwoa Whatshername (and that’s bound to happen) you’re going to feel like sh*t. There’s something about a past lover talking about their current lover that makes you insanely jealous, even if you’ve found a new lover yourself..

6. You will think about getting back together with them

Trust me, this is not a good idea. There’s a reason you broke up. I know, you want someone to call you baby and watch a romantic movie with you, and they were so cute when they did that thing with their nose. Sure there were lots of good things to remember… remember the bad parts, though Maybe you fought too much, or they weren’t open enough with you, or you weren’t open enough with them. You don’t want that again, do you? No, you don’t.

I hope these few tips help. Don’t forget to comment and share!


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